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Afro-Asiatic Languages:

- Arabic

- Amharic

- Berber

- Hausa

- Hebrew

- Maltese

- Somali

- Tigrinya


Austronesian Languages:

- Bahasa Indonesian

- Bahasa Malay

- Cebuano

- Filipino (Tagalog)

- Javanese

- Malagasy

- Maori

- Samoan


Indo-European Languages:

- Bengali

- English

- French

- German

- Gujarati

- Hindi

- Italian

- Marathi

- Nepali

- Persian (Farsi)

- Portuguese

- Punjabi

- Russian

- Spanish

- Tamil

- Telugu

- Urdu


Dravidian Languages:

- Kannada

- Malayalam

- Tamil

- Telugu


Sino-Tibetan Languages:

- Burmese

- Cantonese (Yue Chinese)

- Hakka

- Mandarin (Standard Chinese)

- Tibetan


Turkic Languages:

- Azerbaijani

- Kazakh

- Turkish

- Uzbek


Uralic Languages:

- Estonian

- Finnish

- Hungarian


Niger-Congo Languages:

- Igbo

- Swahili

- Yoruba

- Zulu


Altai Languages:

- Mongolian


Kra-Dai Languages:

- Thai

- Lao


Japonic Languages:

- Japanese


Koreanic Languages:

- Korean


Austroasiatic Languages:

- Khmer

- Vietnamese


Nilo-Saharan Languages:

- Maasai

And more.

Medical Translation Excellence: Celebrating Diversity in Every Language

In the intricate realm of medical translations, there's a delicate balance to be maintained between linguistic mastery and profound knowledge of the medical industry. While the importance of accuracy in translation can't be overstated in any sector, the stakes in the medical world are incredibly high. An error could have significant implications, from misdiagnoses to incorrect treatment protocols.

Enter our medical translation company – a beacon of precision, quality, and unparalleled linguistic diversity.

Language: The Heart of Our Offering

Language is the primary vessel of thought, culture, and communication. Our company, priding itself on its all-encompassing language offerings, ensures that no tongue, no matter how widely or scarcely spoken, is left behind.

Our commitment to covering every language in the world isn't merely about quantity; it's about inclusivity. We believe that every language has its value and every individual, irrespective of the language they speak, deserves accurate medical information.

The Pillars of Quality and Expertise

1. All-encompassing Language Portfolio:

Our vast array of languages isn't just about major languages like English, Spanish, or Chinese. We delve deep into linguistic diversity, ensuring even lesser-known languages are given their due attention.

2. Qualified Translators:

Having a vast language offering requires a team of experts behind every language. Our translators are not only linguistically proficient but also have extensive training and experience in medical terminologies and protocols.

3. Continuous Training:

Language, like medicine, is a constantly evolving entity. Our commitment to excellence ensures our team undergoes regular training to stay updated with the latest medical terminologies and linguistic nuances.

4. Cultural Sensitivity:

Beyond the mere translation of words, we ensure that the translated content resonates culturally. Every language has its idioms, metaphors, and cultural references. Our translators are adept at navigating these subtleties, making the translated content both accurate and relatable.

5. Rigorous Quality Checks:

Our multi-layered quality assurance process ensures that every piece of translated content undergoes thorough scrutiny. This rigorous process guarantees that our clients receive nothing short of perfection.

Why Our Language Offering Stands Out

In the crowded space of medical translation, what truly differentiates us is our unparalleled language offering. We understand the vast linguistic landscape of our world, and our services are tailored to cater to every one of them.

Imagine a rare medical research study in a regional language that could have global implications. With our services, this valuable knowledge can be shared globally, breaking linguistic barriers. Or consider a pharmaceutical company aiming to launch its product in multiple countries, each with its unique linguistic challenges. Our comprehensive language services ensure that product information, usage guidelines, and potential side effects are clearly and accurately communicated to every target audience, regardless of the language they speak.

At our medical translation company, we see languages not just as tools for communication but as bridges to understanding, knowledge sharing, and global collaboration. Our unwavering commitment to quality and our unmatched linguistic diversity position us as leaders in the medical translation sector.

Every language is a testament to the rich tapestry of human civilization, and we are proud to play a role in ensuring that medical knowledge transcends linguistic boundaries.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Our medical and pharmaceutical translation services enable accurate and confidential transfer of vital information, enhancing global health outcomes.

Clinical Trials Translation

We specialize in precise clinical trials translations, facilitating seamless global market entries and regulatory compliances.

Biotechnology Translation

Entrust us with your biotechnology translation needs, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations to reach a global audience swiftly and accurately.

We are here for your medical brand

Let's Forge a Healthier World Together

Exemplary In-House Medical Translation Quality

At COMED Medical Translation, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of medical quality. Our dedication to patient care begins with a meticulous in-house approach that quarantees safety, precision, and excellence in every service we provide.

All types of files and documents, 30 years experience in pharma translation

At COMED Medical Translation we offer translation services for a wide array of medical documents, including clinical summaries. patient records, research papers, consent forms, equipment manuals, pharmaceutical labels, regulatory compliance dossiers, educational brochures, insurance claims, prescriptions, promotional materials, public health notices, and patient survevs. Our team combines linguistic prowess with medical expertise, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

Confidentiality, Security & Safety

At COMED Medical Translation our medical translation services are underscored by an unwavering commitment to safety and confidentiality.

Recognizing the critical nature of medical documents, we employ linguistically adept professionals with a strong grounding in medical terminologies to ensure utmost accuracy. Every translation undergoes rigorous reviews to prevent potential errors.

Unbeatable medical and

language expertise

At COMED Medical translation, real people with profound expertise drive our medical translation services. We believe that while technology aids, it's the human touch, understanding, and the dedication of our professional linguists that ensure the highest quality. Every document undergoes meticulous translation by experts who appreciate the nuances of medical terminologies, ensuring unparalleled precision and cultural sensitivity When it comes to medical translation, we set the gold standard, championed by genuine human expertise.

We are all around the globe at all times providing our services for any emergency.

Express medical translation available for you!

We can make a global impact, together.

COMED Medical translation stands at the forefront of medical translation services, offering unparalleled expertise and a global network of certified professionals ready to bring your message to a wider, multilingual audience.

Discover the Difference of COMED Medical translation:

● Expert translations in every language - ISO 17100 certified

● A team committed to accuracy and speed - ISO 9001 certified

● Bespoke solutions crafted to suit your needs - 30 years of experience

Take the next step in global healthcare communication. Contact us now to discuss how we can assist in broadening your horizons and helping you make a positive mark on the world, transcending language barriers.

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COMED Medical Translation GmbH is a medical translation company founded in 1994 specialized in certified Medical, Pharmaceutical, Life-Science, Medical Device and Biotechnology translation.

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